Kathryn Alabi LPCMH(DE), LPC(DE& MD),NCC


Kathryn Alabi, LPC, NCC – Clinical Director, Owner, and Lead Therapist at A New Beginning Counseling

Welcome! I’m Kathryn Alabi, the driving force behind A New Beginning Counseling, serving as its CEO. My fundamental belief is that navigating through change and adjusting one’s life or perspectives can be a profound challenge, yet an immensely rewarding journey. At A New Beginning, my mission is to nurture self-kindness, self-actualization, and compassion throughout your transformative process.

My Approach: Empowering Your Therapeutic Journey

Leveraging a Client-Centered Holistic, Cognitive, and Solution-Focused Collaborative approach, I strive to unlock your potential for healing and growth. I honor the eclectic theories, integrating diverse theoretical backgrounds to tailor support precisely to what you require at each step. Central to my therapeutic philosophy is the conviction that you, the client, are the expert of your experience. My role is to illuminate the path you identify for your therapeutic journey, not to prescribe it. I engage not as an omnipotent advisor but as a guiding partner, supporting your exploration and achievement of behavioral objectives without imposing ready-made solutions.

Specializations: Navigating Complex Challenges

My expertise is profound in addressing COMPLEX-PTSD, especially arising from narcissistic/psychological abuse, emotional neglect, abandonment, and identity crises in relationships. I also specialize in the Inner Child Recovery Process for individuals grappling with sexual/pornography addictions. Recognizing the profound impact of these issues, I facilitate separate Trauma Recovery Groups for females and males, fostering a supportive community for healing.

Rooted in Personal Experience and Scholarly Pursuit

My expertise is deeply personal, rooted in my journey through psychological trauma and the healing that followed, supplemented by extensive research and academic study. As a Licensed Professional, my commitment to the principles I advocate extends beyond my professional practice; it is a lifestyle I embrace wholeheartedly. My passion is fueled by the conviction that healing is a lifelong journey, ever evolving and endlessly rewarding.

Qualifications and Credentials: A Foundation of Excellence

I am a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Delaware and Maryland, with additional certifications as an Anger Management Specialist, Certified Parent Instructor, and Certified Shoplifting Instructor. My academic background includes a bachelor’s degree in biology from Livingstone College and a Master's degree in Agency Counseling from North Carolina A&T University.

Invitation to Begin A -New

I am honored to accompany you on your path to healing and self-discovery. Together, let us embark on a journey towards A New Beginning, where you can unfold new perspectives and embrace the infinite possibilities of healing as a lifestyle.

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