Group Counseling

A New Beginning Counseling is offering group therapy. The groups provides members a space to explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences without judgement with others who dealing with similar issues. 

  • We offer multiple Trauma groups, 
    • I Am Man - Healing from Emotional Abandonment and Psychological Abuse:
      This group provides a safe space for men to explore and heal from the effects of emotional abandonment and psychological abuse. Participants engage in supportive discussions, share experiences, and learn coping mechanisms to rebuild their emotional well-being. The focus is on fostering resilience and empowering each man on the journey towards healing and self-discovery.
    • Bold Women - Healing from Narcissistic and Psychological Abuse: Bold Women is a therapeutic group designed to empower and support women in their healing journey from the impacts of narcissistic and psychological abuse. Through shared experiences, discussions, and therapeutic exercises, participants gain insights into rebuilding self-esteem, setting boundaries, and cultivating a strong sense of self-worth.
    • Group for Teens Ages 12-17 - Dealing with Self-Esteem & Prevention of Intimate Partner Violence for Teen Girls: This group provides a supportive environment for teenagers to explore issues related to self-esteem and healthy relationships. Specifically tailored for teen girls, the program incorporates discussions on building self-confidence, recognizing signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and developing skills to prevent intimate partner violence.
    • Brave Teens Boys - Healing from Emotional Neglect & Abandonment: Geared towards teenage boys, this group focuses on addressing the emotional impacts of neglect and abandonment. Through group discussions, activities, and therapeutic interventions, participants learn to navigate and express their emotions, fostering resilience and building connections with peers who share similar experiences.
    • Prevention Relapse Group - Psychoeducation and Skill Building: This group is dedicated to individuals who are committed to maintaining their recovery from various challenges, such as addiction or mental health issues. Through psychoeducation sessions and skill-building exercises, participants learn effective strategies to prevent relapse, develop coping mechanisms, and enhance their overall well-being.
    • Anger Management Group - Court Mandated Services: Tailored for individuals mandated by the court system, this group provides a structured program to address issues related to anger management. Participants engage in discussions, role-playing, and skill-building exercises to better understand and manage their anger, promoting healthier ways of expressing and processing emotions.
    • Parenting Class Group - Court Mandated Services: This group is designed to support individuals who are court-mandated to attend parenting classes. Participants learn effective parenting techniques, communication skills, and strategies for creating a positive and nurturing environment for their children. The focus is on fostering healthy parent-child relationships and promoting overall family well-being.
    • Court-Mandated Substance Group: This group is specifically tailored for individuals who are mandated by the court to address substance use issues. Through a combination of education, group therapy, and support, participants work towards understanding the root causes of their substance use, developing coping skills, and building a foundation for long-term recovery. The program emphasizes accountability and provides a structured approach to support individuals on their journey to sobriety.

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