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Mental Health Evaluation LLC is a center that is developed to serve and is committed to meeting the needs of the Individuals under Civil Commitment and Mental Health Continuum. The list of services the center providers is Mental Health Evaluation, Anger Management class/Groups, Parenting Classes/groups provider by a Licensed Professional Clinical Psychotherapist Kathryn Alabi (Refer to Meet our Provider for in-depth Experience). These services are not covered under insurance and are out of pocket services. The MH Evaluation is a 2hr detailed evaluation not including the 2hrs write up for the court documentation. This service is often required by the court or Personnel from the Judiciary system for several reasons such Legal Charges; Divorce/Marital/Family disputes; Mental Health Court; or Immigration Determination/Court. In order to complete thorough evaluation of court documentation that list the legal charges and requirements for Mental Health Evaluation are required prior to Evaluation. The same goes for the Anger Management and Parenting classes. The contact information of individual/client's Probation Officer, Lawyer, or Representative such as Name/Email/Phone & Fax Number is required to assure all documents are submitted to the appropriate authorities. 

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