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Welcome To A New Beginning:

We're thrilled you're considering joining our dedicated team as an Independent Contract Therapist. Our mission is to connect with skilled mental health professionals who are committed to making a positive impact. Please complete the following application to start your journey with us.

Ensure all documents are in PDF or Word format and are clearly labeled with your name and document type. Review all submission requirements carefully to avoid incomplete applications.

Joining Our Team

Application Submission: Please submit your application through the designated online portal.

Interview: Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview to discuss potential fit.

Onboarding: Accepted candidates will undergo a comprehensive onboarding process for smooth

HIRED CANDIDATES: Onboarding Documents Checklist

Letter of Intent (Offer Letter)

Independent Contractor Agreement

W-9 Form

Form 1099

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Proof of Liability Insurance

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Teletherapy & In Person Sessions


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