Onboarding A New Beginning as a Provider

A New Beginning Counseling

Welcoming Exceptional Providers to Our Team. We are excited to connect with dedicated and qualified mental health professionals who share our commitment to making a positive impact on the well-being of individuals and communities. As we strive to expand our team of compassionate professionals, we invite talented individuals to explore the opportunities available as independent contractors within our organization.

Purpose of the Page: This page serves as a gateway for Qualified mental health professionals who are interested in collaborating with us on an independent contracting basis. Our organization provides high-quality mental health services, and we believe that fostering partnerships with skilled and passionate professionals is essential to achieving this goal. Through this platform, we aim to transparently communicate the criteria and expectations we have for those interested in joining our network as independent contract providers.

Why Join A New Beginning Counseling/ what does our brand offer?

Clinical Autonomy: Enjoy the freedom to practice your craft with the support of a collaborative team.

Supportive Environment: Benefit from a supportive and inclusive work culture that values professional growth.

  • Elevated Marketing Push (Business Cards, Website Advertisement)
  • Software and Systems (HER software, Phoneline)
  • Continued Education and Support
  • Billing Services provided (including transparency of your paid claims)


            Flexible Scheduling: Achieve work-life balance with customizable scheduling options.

A New Beginning Counseling LLC – initial Documents

1. Resume

2. Cover Letter

3. Licensure Details

4. References: 2

6. Additional Documentation (if applicable):

Depending on specific requirements or preferences, applicants may be asked to submit additional documentation. This could include proof of specialized training, continuing education certificates, or any other materials that further support their application.

Important Notes: Ensure that all submitted documents are in a standard and easily readable format (e.g., PDF, Word). Clearly label each document with the applicant's name and the document type to facilitate efficient processing.

Incomplete applications may not be considered, so it is crucial that applicants carefully review and fulfill all submission requirements.

 Process to Joining Our Team:

Application Process: Submit your application through our online portal.

Interview: Our team will review your application and schedule an interview to discuss your fit with our practice.

Onboarding: Once accepted, our comprehensive onboarding process ensures a smooth transition into our practice.


HIRED CANDIDATES: Onboarding Process

A New Beginnings process for onboarding new independent contract providers or clinicians require a set of documents to ensure legal compliance, establish expectations, and facilitate a smooth integration into our practice. The following Documents Needed


  • Letter of Intent (Offer Letter): Outline of the position, responsibilities, and compensation. Terms of engagement, including contractor status and any specific contractual agreements.
  • Independent Contractor Agreement: Detailed contract outlining the terms of the relationship. Scope of work, compensation details, termination clauses, and confidentiality agreements.
  • W-9 Form
  • Form 1099
  • Professional Credentials and Licenses
  • Proof of Liability Insurance
  • Banking Information: direct deposit of payments.
  • A schedule for initial orientation and training sessions.
  • Contact Information Sheet: A form with contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses.


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