Chandra Harrison LPCA, NCC

Our therapist Chandra Harrison

Chandra Harrison graduated from Walden University in November of 2018 with a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She has a passion for understanding the psyche and the behaviors of individuals. She also has a Master of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix. Chandra is a nationally certified counselor through the NBCC as of February 2021. She has worked as an addiction counselor, mobile outpatient therapist, mobile family-based therapist, and psychotherapist since 2019. She has experience working with individuals, families, and couples. She also has experience and main interest in running group therapy regarding struggles of substance abuse, trauma, and domestic violence. Chandra loves working with individuals who need someone to listen to them and validate their feelings. She prides herself on the ability to be objective and empathetic to an individual’s struggles in session. Chandra will help individuals with working through their struggles and being able to cope with changes that occur. She likes to be honest and provide individuals with reality when applicable. Chandra utilizes CBT and other theories to help individuals learn to be self-aware and gain self-actualization. Her role is to help individuals to make decisions in their life to gain the happiness that they are looking for.

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